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Once 2020 changed our lives forever and allowed us a reason and permission to begin pursuing more remote work the Remote Online Notary service became possible for even more notaries. I am seeing now that people who have been in the business for years are now having to rebrand and organize their business to keep up with the rapid changes that are occurring. In this article, you found out what a notary is and why someone might consider choosing this for a business model. Now we have progressed to additional add-on services. 
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Becoming a notary was something that was introduced to me by a family member. We both had similar entrepreneurial aspirations. During the millennial maturation period (some last longer than others) we quickly have discovered that the industrial revolution was the beginning of making business expand and boom for Americans. Our parents learned in their upbringing that there was security in the job market but a millennial may be finding different struggles. Working for others may not be the most secure that we can create for ourselves