Where do I begin?

The Purpose of the Online Notary

Once 2020 changed our lives forever and allowed us a reason and permission to begin pursuing more remote work the Remote Online Notary service became possible for even more notaries. I am seeing now that people who have been in the business for years are now having to rebrand and organize their business to keep up with the rapid changes that are occurring. In this article, you found out what a notary is and why someone might consider choosing this for a business model. Now we have progressed to additional add-on services. 

Steps to Become an Online Notary

The steps are tedious but not impossible. There are many moving and working parts that all work together with the commonwealth to determine your requirements.  I am in Florida and every state is different but the first thing that I did was to become a Notary. Refer to this article to learn how to become a notary. 

  1. Increase your Bond and E&O Omissions Insurance to the appropriate amount for your state. In the state of Florida the current requirement is $25,000. 
  2. Purchase your Digital Seal and Certificate. (In order to work as a remote notary your seal and certificate must be digitized) 
  3. Choose a platform to work from for your audio-visual requirement and complete the onboard training required to properly use the platform. (Begin Application)
  4. Mail your:
    1. $25,000 Bond & E&O Insurance
    2. Application
    3. Certificate of completion of a state approved RON education course
    4. Notary Commission Certificate
  5. Patiently await Florida’s approval. 

Am I a RON Yet?

Great question… click here to check your Florida Remote Online Notary Status

What Can I Do While I Wait For RON Approval?

There are a few things that you can do. At this point, you are already a notary. So technically you are authorized to perform notarial acts that do not involve real estate transactions. You could definitely become a Notary Signing Agent in which you pay for training in a Loan Signing Agent course approved by the state of Florida. Outside of that, you are preparing to enter a new field and you will need to become trained and familiar with the documents that you will be notarizing. Familiarize yourself with the platform that you will use to perform your notarial acts. 

Download Florida Online Notary Application

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