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My Notary Journey in Florida

Why Become a Notary

Becoming a notary was something that was introduced to me by a family member. We both had similar entrepreneurial aspirations. During the millennial maturation period (some last longer than others) we quickly have discovered that the industrial revolution was the beginning of making business expand and boom for Americans. Our parents learned in their upbringing that there was security in the job market but a millennial may be finding different struggles. Working for others may not be the most secure that we can create for ourselves. I chose to become a Notary Public for the State of Florida for a few reasons.

  1. The need for the service was so immense. I know that I may be looking at youtube videos hyping myself but I also understand this about business. You must do the work so, for me, the possibilities are endless.
  2. It’s not hard labor. I loved the fact that it was not a laborious duty. We are really only asked to be thorough and honest. I felt that this trait fit my description perfectly.
  3. Set your own schedule. By trade the notary is mobile but that was perfect for me. During a time when everything is mobile and moving and at your own pace, this career pops in at the top of my list of things that I am willing to spend my time doing.
  4. It’s worth it. When I say it is worth my time, I want to be clear and say that I decide what my time is worth. I love career paths that are scalable in many areas so that I know becoming a notary is actually building a foundation that I can grow up from the bottom with as much potential as I could have.
  5. It was easy to do. (well easy for me). Once I saw the requirement list of which I can share with you here. I was excited to get started. Sure there are a lot of small steps but the person who is willing to complete the steps is the one that will reap the benefits of what each step entitles them to do or see.  

Requirements to Become a Notary in Florida

The notary in each state is commissioned by the Governor of that state. In order to be considered you have a few requirements. If you are not in Florida please check the specific requirements for your state.

  • Must be 18
  • No Felony Convictions
  • 2-Hour Notary Training from an approved 
  • Notary Supplies (Seal, Certificate, Notarial Journal, Laser Printer)
  • Notary Bonding Agency and Insurance (To cover the clients your service as well as your business.)


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